The integral app management of Tanatal and Funeral Homes

Link | gtf is the integral IT solution developed by our Authorized Partner Link Soluciones specially designed for funeral companies that wish to optimize all processes of management of their services: records management, documentation, billing and control of services.

From the management of the records of the laboratories, you will have a powerful record of the deceased and contact persons (children, spouses, etc.), easily accessible thanks to a powerful search system.

You will also have complete control of the billing process, being able to manage all the services associated with each of the files, as well as the complete management of rooms, ovens, refrigerators and columbariums.

From the management of funeral records, you will control all the data of the deceased, the type of event and service, as well as the data of their relatives. You can also manage the entire billing process, assigning insurers associated with the file or direct management by individuals. Throughout the process you can control all associated services: transfers, funeral, hearses, drivers, etc. You will also have the possibility to manage all the places of death, cemeteries, parishes and places of wakes.

From document printing you can access the printing of official documents and a powerful report designer that allows you to create your own documents according to your needs. Link | gtf already includes the following documents: parish record, file, death record, death statistics and burial document.

From documentary management you can digitize the documents of your clients, being able to locate them thanks to the powerful searcher that incorporates the program of management of funeral homes and funeral homes.

Comprehensive management solution for SMEs, which will allow the automatic generation and tracking of offers, orders, invoices or invoices in real time visit