The Diet of a computer scientist, geek or computer junkie.

This is not addressed to all who work in ICTs, most of them do it by obligation, at 17 hours of the day they go home and do not play a computer, but for those who spend more than 12 days in front of the computer, Researching, creating, procrastinating, changing the world, summarizing: having fun.

You will find a lot of information, diets and more that will tell you what is the healthiest, the right, blah, blah, but almost always or we have no choice or money or is not marketed near where we are.

These are recommendations, they do not have to be limited to this, it is excellent to enjoy the culinary art or gastronomy, this is only a guide to help you to continue more hours in front of the computer until you finish or advance enough to give you a break and enjoy All the money you should be accruing.

A. Considerations.
1. The human body is a biochemical machine.
2. The human body requires energy to work.
3. The best source of energy for the human body, easier, more efficient, is sugar.
4. The human body stores energy that it does not use, it turns it into fat.
5. For the human body it is easier to get the energy from the stomach than from the accumulated fat.
6. When you have not eaten, missing blood sugar, which is called hypoglycemia which in some people causes headache, starvation or anger.
7. Important: The brain consumes one-third of the energy consumed.
8. Working with a computer is usually a sedentary activity ergo the energy consumed the brain uses, the rest will be stored, ergo fat, ergo fat.
9. Dehydration is often confused with hunger, takes water first.
10. Sugar is energy for immediate use.
11. Proteins awaken the brain activate it, stimulate it, improve concentration.
12. Carbohydrate is energy for later use, it tends to numb the mind.
13. Stress causes anxiety, anxiety for many makes them hungry.
14. Water helps to function better to the brain.
15. Deterioration of the nerves affects the stomach, causing ulcers or gastritis.
16. Asthenia is a real disease, which doctors from underdeveloped countries do not yet accept.
17. With hunger it is easier to do physical activities than intellectual, the brain requires more energy and faster.
18. Sleepiness causes vitamin B12 deficiency that generates nervous problems.
19. Only for those over 18: Having sex often helps a lot.
20 Learn to eat listening and knowing your body, if you’re computer smart you are and will learn how.

Consequences of bad diet for computer.
Being a mostly sedentary life, and the discomfort of getting up, many young middle-income programmers, tend not to drink adequate water, eat a lot of sugar, lots of salt, fast food, which, like everything else, is not bad, but not using it Properly becomes dangerous. The consequences are: Retention of liquid, obesity, gastritis, colitis, many acquire the habit of smoking, asthenia, what later generates heart ailments, circulation, constipation that produces hemorrhoids, etc, etc., etc.

1. The body of each person is different . Never forget, I met a guy of almost two meters, baseball player, apparently strong that could not be revealed 3 or 2 hours, because he felt sorry the next day, it was better that he did not get to work.
2. The young body is more durable and powerful . Before we endured more than 3 days without sleep without consequences.
3. Healthy men incorporate healthy. Physical exercise is fundamental for a healthier life, although we feel that it takes time, you could buy some electrical appliance to help, but it is important.

B. THE DIET. This diet is designed to stimulate the brain, not to lose weight, the important thing is to maintain the flow of energy and the feeling of satisfaction in the stomach, which would allow us to work better.
1. Other, but: Drink water frequently.
2. First ingests proteins. Meat, plaice and algae contain a lot of protein. Seafood is good as long as it is not fried.
3. With a proper dose of sugar, not too much, coke, pepsi and other juices, have too much for two days.
4. A Hamburger combo is fast and good, has protein: meat, bread to make you feel satisfied, sugar: drinkable, the only bad thing I see are potato chips and yellow cheese. The hamburger is not bad per se, the bad thing is what they put it commercially.
5. After eating consume a hot infusion preferably mint for digestion, or chamomile, and then another infusion of Green Tea or mate in its default.
6. Do not consume much carbohydrates, example: rice, mashed potatoes, bread, choose only one but cause drowsiness.
7. Fruit or milkshake in the morning, or anything that has protein. There is a shake that includes soy protein.
8. A chewing gum helps in two forms: sugar that is energy for thinking and kinetic movement that improves circulation in the head.
9. If you eat a lot for a celebration, a special occasion, or for the sake of taste, always consume a digestive, a hot infusion always helps, preferably peppermint, is 10 times more effective than chamomile and is not diuretic like coffee or chamomile.
10. Banana fritters will maintain potassium properly which will help prevent cramping and salt is a natural antidepressant. C. The supplements or supplies to be taken / consumed. Due to poor diet and sleeplessness and lack of exercise generate deficiency in the body therefore you should take supplements: 1. Vitamin B12. It is fundamental to the nervous system. After being unveiled helps a lot. 2. Complex B. It is essential for muscles, nerves and mood. 3. Any other supplement will be good that contains multi vitamins, zinc, acid-glutamic, iron, etc, etc, etc., choose the one that suits them best or you like. 4. Consume Creatine. Helps maintain muscle tone. 5. Sargenor helps reduce fatigue . 6. Comsume Omega3, a capsule. Circulatory system Some nootropics 7. Gin-seng, red, Korean, Siberian. Maca 8. 9. Iron. 10. Gingo-Biloba, is good for the mind. 11. Bacopa monnieri D. Exercise.Whenever you can do it, it helps maintain lucidity as well as help with resistance in sex. E. Other information that will be useful. 1. How to overcome or recover from the sleeplessness of several days. 2. Mental anorexia 3. The diet Hacker

Does this help you to lose weight? If you are good enough programmer or computerist you will find that yes. Visit