Fryers without oil: Buying giude and recommendations

It is difficult to find someone who does not like fried foods, and it is difficult to find someone who does not feel guilty when they are eaten. Fortunately we have at our disposal the fryers without oil.

Then we go into details if you want to know more, but for now you should know that an oil – free fryer works with little or no oil , but preserve the texture and flavor of fried foods. This allows, people with health problems, overweight or just anyone who wants to eat less fat , can afford the usual eating fried foods without feeling guilty when watching your weight on the scale whim.

There are many models of healthy fryers. In this purchase guide we will guide you (worth the redundancy) for the key aspects that you should consider when buying an oil-free fryer. Then we will describe the main qualities of fryers that we have included in the comparison table that you have up here, and they are in our opinion  the best without oil fryers can find today in the market.

The best oil free fryers of the moment

The oil free fryers market is not nearly as saturated as other appliances, so it’s easy to choose because there are not many models, and the best are easily recognizable.

What is an oil-free fryer?

The normal thing to do when you first hear about oil-free fryers is to wonder if such a device really exists, since frying requires, unequivocally, the use of oil.

Many people compare this type of fryers with an oven, and they are right, because the cooking is done based on hot air . What differentiates them is that an oil-free fryer is designed specifically to obtain results that are much closer to traditional frying than to baking an oven, since the oil-free fryer generates heat and evenly distributes it throughout The food basket through a hot air system, which depending on the fryer in question is more or less complex.

A fryer without oil is very versatile: you can fry foods with just a few drops of oil, or you can not use any oil at all and so you can bake roasting or toasting foods to the grill.

They are therefore more versatile appliances, as they give you the option of preparing foods with very little oil, just a few droplets; And you also have the option of not using any oil. Opting for the latter, the fryer without oil becomes something like a food, as it will also serve to bake, broil or grill food preparation .

4 Benefits of Using an Oil-Free Fryer

Healthier Dishes

Oil-free fryers require very little oil or directly oil. Thus  a 80% reduced fat food and thus being a perfect place to lose or maintain weight without having to give up fried foods in a very healthy way ally

Cleaner than normal

Since little oil is used, the containers are soiled less, so  they are much easier to clean and can in most cases putting them in the dishwasher. In addition, also  the odors are reduced in the kitchen, as well as oil splatters, being closed equipment.

Easy to use and safer than traditional

Most oil – fryers are  still pre programmed automatic cooking and safety locking systems , so they are very easy to use and completely safe for all family members

More than just a fryer

Without oil fryers  can do other things besides frying : most also broil, roast, cook and bake, so more than fryers are cooking with robots that can try to make an almost infinite variety of dishes. The best models include recipes with thousands of ideas for your dishes.

What can be cooked in an oil-free fryer?

As we said, one of the strengths of oil-free fryers is their versatility. However, it is perfectly logical that you want to know exactly what can be cooked and what is not, and what is best with an oil-free fryer.

Most likely you wonder how to get the chips with a fryer without oil. The truth is that the results are usually quite good, provided they are added a few drops of oil. If not, the potatoes will be crisp but with little flavor.

Other foods do not require any oil: the case of red meat and white meats like chicken , the fish and turkey , they get an incredible flavor without oil, as they are bathed in their own natural fat And they are crisp, golden and well cooked. In this sense, other classic fried foods such as chicken wings and nuggets  are superbly well.

But if you think the only thing you can prepare are fried potatoes or chicken you’re wrong. In an oil-free fryer you can prepare more elaborate dishes with vegetables, croquettes and even pasta. From Philips give us some ideas for your Airfryer , although in reality they are extendible to any other healthy recipes fryer; cakes Thai fish with mango sauce , zucchini stuffed with ground beef , garlic mushrooms, mini peppers with goat cheese and even a steak pudding, hash mushrooms, skewered pineapple with prawns and reduced balsamic vinegar or provolone roasted Tomatoes and vegetables.

Moreover, most of them are capable of baking, either with their standard functions or through accessories. This enables them to make desserts such as cookies and biscuits. However, for this type of recipes, it is recommended that you follow the instructions and / or the recipe book that includes each model.

Tips When Buying a Fryer Without Oil

Years ago there were only a few models on the market, but over time oil-free fryers have become fashionable, and there are currently dozens of models, so choosing one is a little more complicated. To simplify things, we’ll give you the key aspects you need to consider before you buy one.

The first is to know its maximum capacity . Of this it basically depends that you can prepare more or less quantity in each dish. Most oil-free fryers have capacities for 4 people, as they are designed for family use, but there are also specifically designed for couples or a single person.

In general, with a capacity from 800 grams already you have enough to fry, for example, potatoes for 4 members. He thinks a serving of McDonald’s medium potatoes are about 150 grams, so you can get an idea of the capacity you need.

The next thing you should notice is the power of the fryer . The higher the power, the better, because the operation of these fryers is based on the circulation of hot air inside; More power moves the air faster and more efficiently, food takes less time to make and is made better.

A more than 1000W power should already be enough to prepare any kind of dish, but one thing we also have to keep in mind is that the higher the capacity of the basket from the fryer, the greater must be the power and That these two values ​​must be compensated.

Then look at the fryer has automatic programming timer or cooking . This is especially useful for leaving a dish ready, forgetting it and doing other things without worrying about having to be careful to turn off the fryer.

If the fryer does not function preset modes, at least you have timer . So, the first few times you use it, you will have to be aware that it will not burn, but with the experience you will know how long it takes exactly to make a certain dish, and from there you will be able to program the timer to turn itself off automatically.

In this sense you might like to know that there is no oil fryers door or lid with window , so you can see inside and thus control the cooking at all times, without having to be opening and closing the fryer.

The last key point, but not least, is the cleaning of the fryer. I highly recommend that you buy a model whose internal containers can go into the dishwasher recommend . And even if they are fryers without oil, the food has its own fat, and the recipients, still dirtying much less than in a traditional fryer, become dirty.

Therefore, you will regret it if you do not buy a fryer whose containers are suitable for the dishwasher, because its cleaning is much more comfortable.

Analysis of the recommended models

As is customary in our website, we have done analysis of each of the models we recommend. This time fryers without oil analyzed were the Princess Digital Aerofryer XL , eso has buscado? Haz click the Tefal Actifry and the latest Tefal Fry Delight , the Russell Hobbs Purifry , the Klarstein VitAir and three models of Philips: the Philips HD9220 / 20 , the  HD9621 / 90 and the  HD9210 / 90 .