Engineering design, a great tool to diagram clinical and hospital processes

What if health professionals were also designers or artists? When a challenge is posed, a problem or difficulty, as a species, the concept of solution comes to mind immediately; What is not quiteL, provided there is a suitable structure to reach that solution. Albert Einsten used to say that “the formulation of a problem is more important than the solution”, and is merely the representation that in order to arrive at the best answer, the solution must be identified.

There are different ways to properly formulate projects, a good definition does not imply that a problem raised is necessarily the real need of a community. The method in engineering, when being application tends to solve concrete problems in contrast to the scientific method that poses to work in challenges for the solution of universal principles. It is to recognize that sometimes from projects in engineering solve problems, not really problematic, the affected one would say. However, with the heyday of specialized engineering (such as biomedical) the range of work is specified, which allows a better identification of needs.

Among the ways to structure projects that solve difficulties, is the methodology of logical framework (Ortegón, E, 2005) widely used in the world through the structure of problems tree (Sanchez, 2007) The application of logical framework is excellent For the appropriate structuring of projects from a managerial approach, however, what if you wanted to structure the solution of a problem from the technical side and validate on the fly ‘Lean Start Up0 (The Lean Start Up, 2015) There is an excellent alternative In engineering design is known as “concept design”.

Diagramming processes for designing a multi-parameter device (DOLROY DENISUR, 2015) .

Although concept design methodology is usually used for product development, it can be implemented for process development; Since the concepts (fundamental units of designs) can be applied transversally to any type of activity. In the clinical or hospital case, if there was any kind of background problem, the concept design would be a tool rather than contracted to obtain the best solution alternative (King & Fries, 2009). The concept design also allows the mapping of needs through concepts defined by the expert and serve for the final construction of the prototype methodology or the prototype product to bring to reality.

The concept design provides a schematic and systematized view of how to solve a problem from engineering. In this brief summary I leave the bibliography to consult more on the subject in question; Begin to propose concept designs as a way to obtain working methodologies for specific problems in the clinical context, can be an innovative way to address health problems that imply a process of continuous improvement. Visit us here for more details.