Difference Between Fat Transfer and Dermal Fillers

They are aesthetic procedures that seek to improve the surface of the skin, increasing the volume of certain areas such as the lips or softening wrinkles. The transfer of fat is when fat extracted from the body is used to perform a graft in another area. The dermal fillers are injectable substances such as Botox treatment and hyaluronic acid to help smooth or fill some parts of the face.

Fat Transfer vs Dermal Fillers

Fat transfer is a procedure that involves removing excess fat from one area of ​​the body to graft it elsewhere in the body. The fat is extracted from a zone by needle and syringe, purified and then injected into another part that needs a little smoothing or refilling. Fat transfer is a great procedure for filling facial creases cause of aging. Although it is also a technique used for lip augmentation. The perfect candidate to perform fat transfer should have age lines or folds that you want to improve . This technique can be done to patients of any age although most candidates are between 40 and 60 years.


The fat is usually taken from any part of the body containing excess fatty tissue. The most common areas for donation are the buttocks, abdomen or thighs. It will be the surgeon who decides which part to extract the fat necessary to perform the transfer of fat. The discomfort is minimal and with analgesics can be controlled. The recovery is easy, fast and in a few days you can recover your normal activity. It is a durable procedure, over the course of a few months the body will reabsorb the fat and disperse it. The usual thing is that a third stay in the receiving place.

The injectable fillers are another alternative to smooth wrinkles or give volume. It is a cosmetic procedure with a temporary effect but they are very versatile. Lip fill injections are used to give volume and facial fillings are for smoothing wrinkles.

The most common dermal fillings apart from the botox are hilauronic acid and collagen. Hilauronic acid is a synthetic substance whose result is very similar to the acid produced by the organism. One of the biggest advantages is that the results are visible almost instantly and can be reversed if the results are not as expected. The duration of this type of treatment is between 6 months for the lips and 12 months for the face.


The collagen dermal fillers in my area is one of the most widespread and accepted. It is used to treat fine wrinkles and delicate lines of expression, and even the area around the eyes. The biggest drawback is that the effect lasts between 3 and 6 months and can lead to side effects such as allergies, eczema and allergies.

Why Choose Fat Transfer Instead of Dermal Fillers

Fat injections, which transfer the fatty tissue from one overlying area to another that needs filling, have a major advantage over dermal fillers. And is that there is no possibility of allergic reaction. Dermal fillers are often made from substances derived from bird tissue. Usually when a substance that does not generate the organism is introduced into the body there is some possibility that there is some kind of adverse reaction of the immune system.   Our defenses act by perceiving that substance as a threat to the organism. However the transfer of fat does not present that risk because the tissue that is grafted is its own, it just changes its location.

If you want to smooth some wrinkles or improve the volume of your lips , put yourself in the hands of a good esthetic professional to recommend the best cosmetic treatment.