An App that automatically manage requests to the DJ

A recurring problem among DJs, promoters and clubs of all styles and places in the world is the management of requests to the DJ by the customers of the music that has to sound in the local or at least of that to a part Of the clientele would like it to sound.

RequestNow is an application for iPhone and Android that comes to partly solve this problem.

Simplify song request

RequestNow allows party attendees to send a text message directly to the DJ with their favorite songs instantly. The RequestNow algorithm even corrects the name of misspelled songs.


Direct connection to the public

Using the RequestNow messaging system you can interact directly with attendees to the party. Respond to individual messages, send a text to all the people who requested a particular song or thank the attendees after an event. RequestNow allows the audience to feel involved and provides the DJ with all the information necessary to carry out the perfect event.


Customizing the message

You can strategically place your brand in the text messages you send with the guarantee that your name as a DJ or club will be remembered by those attending the party.

RequestNow also allows you to send a message to all participating attendees after an event where you can include information about the event, your website, a thank you message or the date and the DJs invited to the next party.



The philosophy is quite simple, the DJ or club owner hires a plan that can range from the most basic for $ 9.99 / € 7.5 a month to the most complete that can cost $ 49.99 / 37 €.

The price differences mainly lie in the number of telephone numbers that can reach requests, ranging from 1 to 3 numbers and the number of events that can be managed. The Basic plan supports up to 2 events and the Premium plan up to 9 events per month.

There are also other extra features such as sending a text message to the customer when you have left the club thanking you for coming for example or sending personalized messages with data of interest such as the date of the next party or simply a welcome message.

Request_now_prices Conclusion:

A very promising service that maybe should ripen a bit more because its event management is too simple for me.

The good news is that you have a trial of two weeks, currently available only in the United States, although its creators claim it can be used in other countries if you previously put in contact with them to make the necessary arrangements with the telephone operators in your country.

On the other hand and in practice, I can not imagine your audience sending you a message instead of crossing the track and asking directly for the song you want me to punch you in the end is always more effective.

However, in a festival of the big ones if it would have some logic this type of applications, because the amount of people that assists makes impossible that the DJ even reaches to touch its public.

Another thing is different is that Top mobile DJ Melbourne are allowed to overwhelm their fans requests and sacrifice their “musical independence” in order to please a group of more or less people.

In short the idea is very good, but the welcome of the involved (DJs, customers and clubs) may not make it finish taking off. We will have to follow the project closely and see if it really works in practice.