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An App that automatically manage requests to the DJ

A recurring problem among DJs, promoters and clubs of all styles and places in the world is the management of requests to the DJ by the customers of the music that has to sound in the local or at least of that to a part Of the clientele would like it to sound.

RequestNow is an application for iPhone and Android that comes to partly solve this problem.

Simplify song request

RequestNow allows party attendees to send a text message directly to the DJ with their favorite songs instantly. The RequestNow algorithm even corrects the name of misspelled songs.


Direct connection to the public

Using the RequestNow messaging system you can interact directly with attendees to the party. Respond to individual messages, send a text to all the people who requested a particular song or thank the attendees after an event. RequestNow allows the audience to feel involved and provides the DJ with all the information necessary to carry out the perfect event.


Customizing the message

You can strategically place your brand in the text messages you send with the guarantee that your name as a DJ or club will be remembered by those attending the party.

RequestNow also allows you to send a message to all participating attendees after an event where you can include information about the event, your website, a thank you message or the date and the DJs invited to the next party.



The philosophy is quite simple, the DJ or club owner hires a plan that can range from the most basic for $ 9.99 / € 7.5 a month to the most complete that can cost $ 49.99 / 37 €.

The price differences mainly lie in the number of telephone numbers that can reach requests, ranging from 1 to 3 numbers and the number of events that can be managed. The Basic plan supports up to 2 events and the Premium plan up to 9 events per month.

There are also other extra features such as sending a text message to the customer when you have left the club thanking you for coming for example or sending personalized messages with data of interest such as the date of the next party or simply a welcome message.

Request_now_prices Conclusion:

A very promising service that maybe should ripen a bit more because its event management is too simple for me.

The good news is that you have a trial of two weeks, currently available only in the United States, although its creators claim it can be used in other countries if you previously put in contact with them to make the necessary arrangements with the telephone operators in your country.

On the other hand and in practice, I can not imagine your audience sending you a message instead of crossing the track and asking directly for the song you want me to punch you in the end is always more effective.

However, in a festival of the big ones if it would have some logic this type of applications, because the amount of people that assists makes impossible that the DJ even reaches to touch its public.

Another thing is different is that Top mobile DJ Melbourne are allowed to overwhelm their fans requests and sacrifice their “musical independence” in order to please a group of more or less people.

In short the idea is very good, but the welcome of the involved (DJs, customers and clubs) may not make it finish taking off. We will have to follow the project closely and see if it really works in practice.


What sea kayak to choose?

Well, you’ve already seen a TV report, you’ve seen from the shore the evolutions of some sea kayaks, you’ve been informed on some websites like seakayakermag 10 best picks and you cannot last, you have just discovered one of your hidden vocations, you cannot Wait for one more day and decide to give yourself a sea kayak.

You soon discover that there are more kayakers than car makers who offer a huge range of models, materials and accessories, which describe in their catalogs a lot of pictograms “Fitness”, “Fun”, “Fishing”, “Waves” and The yellow you like is that it is not “Fishing” that is just “Fitness”, a circumstance that causes you some uneasiness. We will tell you our experiences and impressions in case they can help you decide.

First question: simple or double.

The double is the first option we think, usual considerations like “we’ll leave my husband and I”, “I will sail with my children”, “I will invite my friend Paco” usually end up with a huge and heavy dusty trash in the garage that You cannot drive alone.

Children are not constant, they get bored early and get tired with adults, as you discovered on your mountain trips. Ours complied with the premiere ritual and never again embarked on a kayak.
We also have to be very sure that our spouses share our hobbies. Kayaking is a physical activity, a rather demanding sport, not a hobby like going to the beach to swim a little, so be sure that you really care about them.

With regard to friends, as soon as you have a little skill with the kayak, learn to paddle with rhythm and technique, you may find it intolerable to invite beginners to sail, because you will do all the work, you will soon discover that if you stop paddling The kayak does not advance an inch and you will despair the lost strokes and constant lack of synchronism. In a double kayak the harmony between palistas is fundamental and to catch the rhythm of the sea and to penetrate with the companion is not something that is obtained on the first day, it takes practice enough to obtain it.

My wife and I started with a double kayak, the Rotomod Ocean Duo, a good kayak of initiation suitable for almost everything, because according to the catalog deserved all the imaginable drawings. We learned to paddle at the same time from scratch, singing that left, right, left, two, unooo I said doos no unooo … a summer later we synchronized quite well, I knew even when I was going to scratch my nose and lose a stroke, With skill … Another year and we ended up paddling in “separate” kayaks, each one in his, end of the discussions.

However, with both experienced paddlers, a double kayak is fantastic, with 50% more weight than a single one with two “motors”, so that the distances traveled and the speeds achieved are much higher. There is no one to reach our “Black Widow.” It is really a pleasure to go chatting with the companion and touring our shores.

Okay, okay, you got it clear, first decision made, now comes the second:

Closed or open?
The open or self-emptying kayaks are fairly stable, some daring manufacturers even say “involuntary”, very easy to get on and off against unexpected dumps or just to take a bath and cool down, ideal for diving or fishing.
Another advantage is that they are easy to handle and negotiate the waves well which even with little experience can get you out of some trouble.
However as you are unprotected before the waves, all the time you are wet, so its use is restricted to the summer months or cooked in an uncomfortable neoprene suit. They are usually manufactured in unbreakable plastics and the usual models are usually “out of the way”, ie slow, although if you do not have very sporty approaches or you are only going to make a day out you will enjoy it for a long time.

A closed kayak however will allow you to navigate with a minimum of equipment (thermal underwear, raincoat and vest) throughout the year as you remain dry inside the “bathtub”. In our Mediterranean the “calms of January” are especially pleasant to navigate. Having watertight compartments you can transport all the camping material you want and make “expeditions” of several days, with your tent, sack, mat, food, etc. A major advantage is that you will sail practically the same with 12 kilos of luggage, this way you do not have to be as selective charging as when you make a backpack that you have to carry on your back, you know the equation more equipment = more comfort = more weight. You do not need expensive and sophisticated ultralight material, the hypermarket camping team will serve you.
On the other side, navigating safely in a closed kayak will force you to learn some basic techniques and maneuvers of self-rescue, such as re-entering the kayak in the middle of the sea or with rough seas after a dump.

At this point we have already taken two of the most important decisions, the next question that we are asked is the material to choose.
Plastic, fiberglass, kevlar-carbon?

Plastic is the most economical and durable option, they are practically unbreakable, you have kayaks for life. What is the but? As weight and slip, plastic is rather heavier than other materials and has more friction with water, making it less efficient, ie slower. In addition it can be very painful to load and to unload only a 30-kilo breeze if you do not refine the technique.

The fiberglass is much lighter and slides much better, its friction with water is much lower than that of plastics, however it is fragile and a blow against a rock can break it or make a hole, one of the things that we always carry Above is a roll of American tape for emergency repairs, although we have not had to use it in the five years that we sail with our fiberglass kayaks. The price is similar or a bit more than plastic ones, in case of break-by-blows there are repair kits that you can do yourself at home.

The kevlar-carbon is already for note, a fad if you can afford it, weighs even less than the fiberglass, slips the same and is very resistant, can withstand some blow another. Against it are the price and that excessive heat can deform them, you must be careful not to leave them tied in the roof of the car in the sun as they can deform and permanently spoil.

The kayak usually comes as second or third sport, some friends who ask me about what kayak to buy I respond with What bike do you have?
– an offer of the “Carrefur”: Anything that floats, even one of those inflatable canoes that convincingly recommend the Cortinglés sellers, even if you have a truck camera with which you buy a rowing …
– one with Shimano LX: Well, that’s a bike and you need a real kayak, if you’re careful, the fiber will make you happy, if you always leave the beaches of stones or you’re not especially meticulous, The plastic will give you great service for years.
– my bike is a “Cannondale” double suspension with carbon frame, XTR lightened change and titanium shaft enriched with molybdenum: Friend, you are not served anything, you are a “gourmet”, you know, for one Kevlar-carbon keel with stainless steel rudder and big luxury loaf.
Anyway, if you cannot afford or you are interested in a Mercedes series Jota Why not treat yourself to a good bike or kayak?

Choose what you choose, enjoy it, welcome to the sea kayak.

Home Cinema, learn to have the best home cinema by setting up your PC with Projector

Home Cinema, whose literal translation is “Home Theater” is a concept that basically involves watching television, movies and series we want with such a sound that will make us even believe we’re in a movie theater .

To achieve the best feelings have as we watch our favorite multimedia content, we have purchased a number of electronic equipment , including a large screen format, either a TV or projector.

Early attempts at Home Cinema achieved this through video projectors. Currently the devices screen TV and high resolution can reproduce the effect of the large image .

The other factor that is needed to build a home theater system is a high – quality sound, Alles weitere hier!
. You could think of a simple stereo sound system, but the current specification goes further. Today, a surround sound effect is sought. The intention is to create the illusion of “being in action”, which is what is achieved in a movie theater. The modern conception of Home Cinema is usually restricted, for most people, to sound and video. So for many people, the Home Cinema is the movie player with sound system .

The level of detail with which the cinematic experience is simulated can vary. This depends on the creativity and resources that count . A dark room dedicated to the cinema, armchairs or an outlet of rosettes of corn, are already minute details. Not everyone can afford them, but they help shape the idea of ​​what a Home Cinema means. What follows is a brief walk through the important considerations when buying a home cinema equipment.

How to connect the home cinema to the TV?

The answer to this question is not unique, since the standards of connection of the TV to other devices have changed quickly with the years. Classically, the connections are limited to three RCA cables format : one yellow, one red and one white. The yellow cable transmits the video signal, while the white and red cables respectively transmit the left and right audio signals.

Currently digital video connections substantially improve and simplify the quality and connections to the TV. The HDMI eg format consists of a single cable that connects the VCR to the TV, making the job easier .

The Home Cinema 5.1 standard allows you to connect the speakers to the movie player to control the surround sound effect. So in principle it is only necessary toconnect the video channel on the TV . There are five speakers that will be distributed around the viewer’s seat, plus a subwoofer that will be next to the TV to handle the bass sounds.

The logical recommendation, however, is to consult carefully the installation manual Home Cinema system to take advantage of the best features offered .

How to connect home cinema to PC or laptop?

In this case, you usually see the computer as an artifact that will send audio and video signal to the Home Cinema. This will then take care to handle and the TV speakers for sound and video . The problem is usually that the computer and Home Cinema have the right connectors to “understand”.

One option is for the Home Cinema has an HDMI input, and the PC has a similar output . This way the connection is direct, using only an HDMI cable. This cable will transmit video and sound, so the matter is solved.

Another option is that the Home Cinema has VGA input, which is the same as the cable that connects a monitor to a computer. Even laptops usually have one of these outputs . It is also possible that the TV has an input of this type, which would be a solution as well. But this cable only carries video, and you would have to connect the sound in another way.

If the computer has digital optical audio output, it can be used to connect the Home Cinema with the proper cable. The worst case scenario is that only the analog audio outputs are available. In that case, you can use an RCA cable adapter “mini-plug” .

How to set up a home cinema without cables?

This phrase is a bit exaggerated. The truth is that a Home Cinema system called the “No Cables”, or wireless, always carries cables in some way. The difference is that the system does not use cables to connect the speakers behind the viewer, with the central system. These speakers communicate using a wireless protocol such as Bluetooth .

The front speakers are connected to the head unit using the traditional wires, but the rear speakers do not. To avoid long wires that go around the room and get in the way or look bad, the wireless system is used . This means that each speaker has a wireless receiver that receives the signal and plays the sound on the speaker. But this requires power, which means connecting the speaker to the mains, or equipping it with batteries. This last requirement has to be considered with care, since the gain in the lack of cables has cost. It may be necessary toplan the electrical installation that allows connect the speakers to energize them .And this can mean, anyway … cables.

Where to buy home cinema speakers?

When you purchase a home cinema, it is often purchased as a kit , which includes of course the speakers. However, the speakers may not be satisfactory to the user, or they may be renewed for any kind of damage.

Home Cinema speakers can be purchased separately from the audio / video equipment. There are also sets of speakers specially designed for use with a home theater . Tech fanatics may want to put together their own configured speaker system. There are many stores that offer speakers with different features and prices : Alibaba, Amazon, Pixmania, MadridHiFi. These stores have the already proverbial advantages of assortment, facilities to pay, delivery to home and guarantee.

Tips Before Selling a Home Cinema

The reasons to sell a Home Cinema are dissimilar, but they are not the case. The truth is that if you have one of these systems at home, not rule out the possibility of selling it at some point . It is not enough, therefore, to take into account certain recommendations.

Before putting it up for sale, even before even considering the idea of ​​selling it, you have to take care of the equipment. Keep it clean and free from nicks, dents and scratches , because they lower the sales value. Keep the manuals and if you can, the original box to repack it.

Ensure that the Home Cinema retains its cables in good condition . Equal consideration for the remote control, which must be the original and work properly. At the time a potential buyer is interested in reviewing the system, it must be able to carry out the necessary tests to convince itself that the equipment is fully operational.

It is important to prepare the Home Cinema for sale in the best way, to get a price advantage for him .

What features should I consider before buying a home cinema?

The Home Cinema, even the simplest, can greatly enrich the experience of watching any movie or TV show . But there are many models and features, and it is not easy to decide which to acquire.

The first and obvious consideration at the time of purchase, is how much can be spent. The Home Cinema is a small luxury, and it is better to buy that best fit the budget .

Must verify which system you are using . System 2.1 is essentially a stereophonic device: two loudspeakers and a bass. The most common is 5.1, suitable for a home cinema with five speakers and a bass. And the most current is the seven-speaker 7.1 and bass. The latter is more adapted for video games, but it is not prohibited to use it for a movie.

An important point is that the connections are versatile home theater . If you plan to connect a PC to the system, it will be convenient to take advantage of the connections that the computer has. The same goes for other appliances.

A few considerations can lead to a good purchase.

Best home cinema 2016

Good Home Cinema systems cover a range of fairly wide prices . In 2016, they have entered the market some systems with interesting features .

For example, the Home Cinema Onkyo HT-S5805 offers great surround sound thanks to Dolby Atmos sound system.

It is the Sony HT-RT5 , offering sound bar system that simulates the effect of the various speakers of a complete system.

The Pioneer HTP-105 is a 5.1 system dating back to 2015, but its good performance kept current. It stands out above all for the versatility in its peripheral connections.

In the economic part of the spectrum is the Auna B0090LXT5I , which provides an acceptable 75 € 5.1 system for a tight budget.

How to use a home cinema as an amplifier?

The primary intention for the Home Cinema is to simulate the experience of a movie theater . The visual part is achieved with a large format TV, and the sound is achieved through a dedicated amplifier, or a DVD / BluRay player with built-in amplifier.

It is possible in principle to use a Home Cinema amplifier sound like only if one of the available audio inputs used and dispenses with the video signal. It would only be a matter of connecting the speakers as indicated in the manual, and you will have an amplifier.

In any case, for a demanding audiophile, it is much better to acquire an audio amplifier especially for that function , and leave the Home Cinema for home theater functions.

What home cinema use for apple tv?

The Apple TV is a small device that allows Apple to receive streaming video for playback on TV . Receive the contents by connecting to the internet, either through a WiFi network, or via an Ethernet cable. The contents are sent to the TV through an HDMI cable that must be purchased separately.

The point is that the HDMI connection is the only one that has the Apple TV to send audio signals or video, so that not only the TV must have HDMI connection, but also whether to use the Apple TV A Home Cinema, it must also have HDMI input.

Earlier mentioned was the Pioneer HTP-105 Home Cinema, which has four HDMI inputs and a similar output. This is a good example of Home Cinema suitable for use with the Apple TV .

What home cinema to use for PS4?

PS4 is the latest game console Sony , although the Japanese company is already preparing a new one . As a console, it connects to the internet via cable or WiFi, and serves the contents to the TV through an HDMI cable.

It also has a digital optical audio connection that handles the Home Cinema 5.1 format. It should then have for this console with a Home Cinema to handle both types of connector . Although it does not seem problematic to stay with only the optical audio, and leave the HDMI to connect only to the TV, there is greater versatility if you have both connectors in the Home Cinema.

The HTP-105 in addition to the HDMI inputs, also features an optical digital audio input 5.1 which makes it also suitable for use with the PS4 console .

Fryers without oil: Buying giude and recommendations

It is difficult to find someone who does not like fried foods, and it is difficult to find someone who does not feel guilty when they are eaten. Fortunately we have at our disposal the fryers without oil.

Then we go into details if you want to know more, but for now you should know that an oil – free fryer works with little or no oil , but preserve the texture and flavor of fried foods. This allows, people with health problems, overweight or just anyone who wants to eat less fat , can afford the usual eating fried foods without feeling guilty when watching your weight on the scale whim.

There are many models of healthy fryers. In this purchase guide we will guide you (worth the redundancy) for the key aspects that you should consider when buying an oil-free fryer. Then we will describe the main qualities of fryers that we have included in the comparison table that you have up here, and they are in our opinion  the best without oil fryers can find today in the market.

The best oil free fryers of the moment

The oil free fryers market is not nearly as saturated as other appliances, so it’s easy to choose because there are not many models, and the best are easily recognizable.

What is an oil-free fryer?

The normal thing to do when you first hear about oil-free fryers is to wonder if such a device really exists, since frying requires, unequivocally, the use of oil.

Many people compare this type of fryers with an oven, and they are right, because the cooking is done based on hot air . What differentiates them is that an oil-free fryer is designed specifically to obtain results that are much closer to traditional frying than to baking an oven, since the oil-free fryer generates heat and evenly distributes it throughout The food basket through a hot air system, which depending on the fryer in question is more or less complex.

A fryer without oil is very versatile: you can fry foods with just a few drops of oil, or you can not use any oil at all and so you can bake roasting or toasting foods to the grill.

They are therefore more versatile appliances, as they give you the option of preparing foods with very little oil, just a few droplets; And you also have the option of not using any oil. Opting for the latter, the fryer without oil becomes something like a food, as it will also serve to bake, broil or grill food preparation .

4 Benefits of Using an Oil-Free Fryer

Healthier Dishes

Oil-free fryers require very little oil or directly oil. Thus  a 80% reduced fat food and thus being a perfect place to lose or maintain weight without having to give up fried foods in a very healthy way ally

Cleaner than normal

Since little oil is used, the containers are soiled less, so  they are much easier to clean and can in most cases putting them in the dishwasher. In addition, also  the odors are reduced in the kitchen, as well as oil splatters, being closed equipment.

Easy to use and safer than traditional

Most oil – fryers are  still pre programmed automatic cooking and safety locking systems , so they are very easy to use and completely safe for all family members

More than just a fryer

Without oil fryers  can do other things besides frying : most also broil, roast, cook and bake, so more than fryers are cooking with robots that can try to make an almost infinite variety of dishes. The best models include recipes with thousands of ideas for your dishes.

What can be cooked in an oil-free fryer?

As we said, one of the strengths of oil-free fryers is their versatility. However, it is perfectly logical that you want to know exactly what can be cooked and what is not, and what is best with an oil-free fryer.

Most likely you wonder how to get the chips with a fryer without oil. The truth is that the results are usually quite good, provided they are added a few drops of oil. If not, the potatoes will be crisp but with little flavor.

Other foods do not require any oil: the case of red meat and white meats like chicken , the fish and turkey , they get an incredible flavor without oil, as they are bathed in their own natural fat And they are crisp, golden and well cooked. In this sense, other classic fried foods such as chicken wings and nuggets  are superbly well.

But if you think the only thing you can prepare are fried potatoes or chicken you’re wrong. In an oil-free fryer you can prepare more elaborate dishes with vegetables, croquettes and even pasta. From Philips give us some ideas for your Airfryer , although in reality they are extendible to any other healthy recipes fryer; cakes Thai fish with mango sauce , zucchini stuffed with ground beef , garlic mushrooms, mini peppers with goat cheese and even a steak pudding, hash mushrooms, skewered pineapple with prawns and reduced balsamic vinegar or provolone roasted Tomatoes and vegetables.

Moreover, most of them are capable of baking, either with their standard functions or through accessories. This enables them to make desserts such as cookies and biscuits. However, for this type of recipes, it is recommended that you follow the instructions and / or the recipe book that includes each model.

Tips When Buying a Fryer Without Oil

Years ago there were only a few models on the market, but over time oil-free fryers have become fashionable, and there are currently dozens of models, so choosing one is a little more complicated. To simplify things, we’ll give you the key aspects you need to consider before you buy one.

The first is to know its maximum capacity . Of this it basically depends that you can prepare more or less quantity in each dish. Most oil-free fryers have capacities for 4 people, as they are designed for family use, but there are also specifically designed for couples or a single person.

In general, with a capacity from 800 grams already you have enough to fry, for example, potatoes for 4 members. He thinks a serving of McDonald’s medium potatoes are about 150 grams, so you can get an idea of the capacity you need.

The next thing you should notice is the power of the fryer . The higher the power, the better, because the operation of these fryers is based on the circulation of hot air inside; More power moves the air faster and more efficiently, food takes less time to make and is made better.

A more than 1000W power should already be enough to prepare any kind of dish, but one thing we also have to keep in mind is that the higher the capacity of the basket from the fryer, the greater must be the power and That these two values ​​must be compensated.

Then look at the fryer has automatic programming timer or cooking . This is especially useful for leaving a dish ready, forgetting it and doing other things without worrying about having to be careful to turn off the fryer.

If the fryer does not function preset modes, at least you have timer . So, the first few times you use it, you will have to be aware that it will not burn, but with the experience you will know how long it takes exactly to make a certain dish, and from there you will be able to program the timer to turn itself off automatically.

In this sense you might like to know that there is no oil fryers door or lid with window , so you can see inside and thus control the cooking at all times, without having to be opening and closing the fryer.

The last key point, but not least, is the cleaning of the fryer. I highly recommend that you buy a model whose internal containers can go into the dishwasher recommend . And even if they are fryers without oil, the food has its own fat, and the recipients, still dirtying much less than in a traditional fryer, become dirty.

Therefore, you will regret it if you do not buy a fryer whose containers are suitable for the dishwasher, because its cleaning is much more comfortable.

Analysis of the recommended models

As is customary in our website, we have done analysis of each of the models we recommend. This time fryers without oil analyzed were the Princess Digital Aerofryer XL , eso has buscado? Haz click the Tefal Actifry and the latest Tefal Fry Delight , the Russell Hobbs Purifry , the Klarstein VitAir and three models of Philips: the Philips HD9220 / 20 , the  HD9621 / 90 and the  HD9210 / 90 .

The Four Best Mop Steam Cleaners – Workplace Cleaning

If you have a tiled floor extension you will find yourself mopping regularly due to sweeping the floor you do not always understand clean enough. This is especially true if you have little feet (and hands) around the place, or some creatures. In doing so, you will be using a lot of chemicals. This is not always a good thing. Do not just use them, but store them. This is why using a steam mop is a good alternative to mop bucket and the traditional bucket. No Chemical This article focuses on some of the beststeammopreviewspro in the market Steam mops work by a combination of steam and a cloth, usually microfiber to clean the floor The best of them..use a camera Of water, you fill and then wait for the heat, then run this down the floor, and the cloth collects the dirt.You can change the fabric if it is too dirty, so you will need a steam cleaner that has easy to get replacements. The other advantage of steam cleaning is that it will dry the floor much faster than traditional mopping. You will not have to worry about chasing people out of the room while the floor dries. Selected mops here have been characterized by some factors:

Steam mops could revolutionize the way you clean your floors, but beware of the cheap and nasty if you really want to get your use out of one. These are four of the best for your consideration.

The Eureka Enviro Steam is an easy to use mop that cleans and disinfects the floor at the same time. It has multiple holes for a uniform steam, and the mop pads clean easily with the wash after use. This steam mop cleaner does not need more than water to clean the floor and does it very effectively. This mop has many advantages, including its long handle. Those who are tall can say how exhausting it can be to use a mop (or broom for that matter) with a short run. It also has a low center of gravity, with the weight of the mop being concentrated around the head, making it easy to move around the floor. The cookie pad picks up a lot of dirt, which means you do not have to change it over the frequency than a flat one. In addition to all this has a long cable. If you have a large room, and are reluctant to use an extension cord when working with water this is the mop for you. The steam mop is heated to about 220F, which is very hot. The water vapor comes off as a fine stream, not a big blow, but this is effective, which means that your floors will dry soon after. It is quiet, with a rotating head and is very easy to use as long as you read the instructions. If you have large plants you may be frustrated by having to fill up to half the work, because at most you will only get a value of 15 minutes of water vapor at any given time, and the head is large even if it is Of a rotating head and you can not make things right against the baseboards and under the furniture. That said, in general, Enviro steam Eureka is a very effective mop, and sison high, you will find it easier to use or the four here presented.

Bissell is one of the most popular brands in the market. They have made their name for many years with their previous steam mops and the Bissell 1867-7 Steam Mop Hard Floor Cleaner is their latest and even better model. It works by using steam and a microfibre pad that collects dirt. This model has a rotating head which means you can get around furniture and other objects. The water bottle that is used for steam cooking is removable so it is very easy to fill, and in case of using elpad it is easy to change with it. It’s hot, but maybe not as hot as others. If you start using it before it is heated properly you can end up with pddles on the floor, and this is true for most steam mops. You may find frustrated with the length of the lace if you have larger rooms as it is quite short. In addition to that, if you are tall you will find this harder to push around as the handle is not very high. The center of gravity of this mop is a bit higher and in case that may be a bit more difficult to push. If you have problems with your back or neck and shoulders this is something to keep in mind. All that is said, is a reliable steam mop, which does the job as advertised. You will find yourself gettng a lot of use of it.

The S3501 Shark Euro-Pro Deluxe Pocket Steam Mop Clean is one of the few on the market with more than one head. This is perhaps your biggest selling point. This lightweight mop will effectively steam clean your floors without leaving large puddles of water behind. It also takes much less time to warm up than many of its rivals. This machine comes with an attachment package, the idea that it can be used on a variety of surfaces in this way. The attachment duster is particularly useful, and the microfiberpaños clean and after use. This machine gets very hot. So hot, in fact, that if you are cleaning the floor, without shoes you may find it difficult to walk. This could be a problem if you are cleaning the floor with steamed children or pets at all. I would recommend that they do not. You will also find in need of an extension cord if you are cleaning a large area. It can also be recharged and has been known to fall off at a distance. The S3501 Shark Euro-Pro Deluxe Steam Pocket Mop is a good steam cleaner that, with some modifications, could be a great day.

Haan have created a steam cleaning system instead of just a steam mop. The idea is that you can clean not only plants, but furniture, glass mirrors, and any other hard surface. And for, for the most part, it’s a system that works well. This is one of the few steam mops that will clean up the skirting boards, and is lightweight and easy to move. Water is retained for 15 minutes for a cleaning value at a time, so if you have a large area in which the end result will have to be filled more than once, and there is a wait for a few minutes before it is Hot again. The hand tool means you can clean the grout and tiles, which is a claraventaja over the other steam mops reviewed here. You will have to use and extension cable for large areas, another real disadvantage. It’s the rags that are used with the steam head that do not have a drawstring or any other way to keep the edges of. You have to manually tuck in and if you have to do this because your floor is especially dirty it can end up with steam burns. Obviously, designers will have to see this for future incarnations. If after the flexibility stop tools to steam clean more than the floor this can be the system for you. The Home Total Haan Deluxe steam cleaning system is reliable and works well. They are light, well made and flexible for your cleaning needs.

The Diet of a computer scientist, geek or computer junkie.

This is not addressed to all who work in ICTs, most of them do it by obligation, at 17 hours of the day they go home and do not play a computer, but for those who spend more than 12 days in front of the computer, Researching, creating, procrastinating, changing the world, summarizing: having fun.

You will find a lot of information, diets and more that will tell you what is the healthiest, the right, blah, blah, but almost always or we have no choice or money or is not marketed near where we are.

These are recommendations, they do not have to be limited to this, it is excellent to enjoy the culinary art or gastronomy, this is only a guide to help you to continue more hours in front of the computer until you finish or advance enough to give you a break and enjoy All the money you should be accruing.

A. Considerations.
1. The human body is a biochemical machine.
2. The human body requires energy to work.
3. The best source of energy for the human body, easier, more efficient, is sugar.
4. The human body stores energy that it does not use, it turns it into fat.
5. For the human body it is easier to get the energy from the stomach than from the accumulated fat.
6. When you have not eaten, missing blood sugar, which is called hypoglycemia which in some people causes headache, starvation or anger.
7. Important: The brain consumes one-third of the energy consumed.
8. Working with a computer is usually a sedentary activity ergo the energy consumed the brain uses, the rest will be stored, ergo fat, ergo fat.
9. Dehydration is often confused with hunger, takes water first.
10. Sugar is energy for immediate use.
11. Proteins awaken the brain activate it, stimulate it, improve concentration.
12. Carbohydrate is energy for later use, it tends to numb the mind.
13. Stress causes anxiety, anxiety for many makes them hungry.
14. Water helps to function better to the brain.
15. Deterioration of the nerves affects the stomach, causing ulcers or gastritis.
16. Asthenia is a real disease, which doctors from underdeveloped countries do not yet accept.
17. With hunger it is easier to do physical activities than intellectual, the brain requires more energy and faster.
18. Sleepiness causes vitamin B12 deficiency that generates nervous problems.
19. Only for those over 18: Having sex often helps a lot.
20 Learn to eat listening and knowing your body, if you’re computer smart you are and will learn how.

Consequences of bad diet for computer.
Being a mostly sedentary life, and the discomfort of getting up, many young middle-income programmers, tend not to drink adequate water, eat a lot of sugar, lots of salt, fast food, which, like everything else, is not bad, but not using it Properly becomes dangerous. The consequences are: Retention of liquid, obesity, gastritis, colitis, many acquire the habit of smoking, asthenia, what later generates heart ailments, circulation, constipation that produces hemorrhoids, etc, etc., etc.

1. The body of each person is different . Never forget, I met a guy of almost two meters, baseball player, apparently strong that could not be revealed 3 or 2 hours, because he felt sorry the next day, it was better that he did not get to work.
2. The young body is more durable and powerful . Before we endured more than 3 days without sleep without consequences.
3. Healthy men incorporate healthy. Physical exercise is fundamental for a healthier life, although we feel that it takes time, you could buy some electrical appliance to help, but it is important.

B. THE DIET. This diet is designed to stimulate the brain, not to lose weight, the important thing is to maintain the flow of energy and the feeling of satisfaction in the stomach, which would allow us to work better.
1. Other, but: Drink water frequently.
2. First ingests proteins. Meat, plaice and algae contain a lot of protein. Seafood is good as long as it is not fried.
3. With a proper dose of sugar, not too much, coke, pepsi and other juices, have too much for two days.
4. A Hamburger combo is fast and good, has protein: meat, bread to make you feel satisfied, sugar: drinkable, the only bad thing I see are potato chips and yellow cheese. The hamburger is not bad per se, the bad thing is what they put it commercially.
5. After eating consume a hot infusion preferably mint for digestion, or chamomile, and then another infusion of Green Tea or mate in its default.
6. Do not consume much carbohydrates, example: rice, mashed potatoes, bread, choose only one but cause drowsiness.
7. Fruit or milkshake in the morning, or anything that has protein. There is a shake that includes soy protein.
8. A chewing gum helps in two forms: sugar that is energy for thinking and kinetic movement that improves circulation in the head.
9. If you eat a lot for a celebration, a special occasion, or for the sake of taste, always consume a digestive, a hot infusion always helps, preferably peppermint, is 10 times more effective than chamomile and is not diuretic like coffee or chamomile.
10. Banana fritters will maintain potassium properly which will help prevent cramping and salt is a natural antidepressant. C. The supplements or supplies to be taken / consumed. Due to poor diet and sleeplessness and lack of exercise generate deficiency in the body therefore you should take supplements: 1. Vitamin B12. It is fundamental to the nervous system. After being unveiled helps a lot. 2. Complex B. It is essential for muscles, nerves and mood. 3. Any other supplement will be good that contains multi vitamins, zinc, acid-glutamic, iron, etc, etc, etc., choose the one that suits them best or you like. 4. Consume Creatine. Helps maintain muscle tone. 5. Sargenor helps reduce fatigue . 6. Comsume Omega3, a capsule. Circulatory system Some nootropics 7. Gin-seng, red, Korean, Siberian. Maca 8. 9. Iron. 10. Gingo-Biloba, is good for the mind. 11. Bacopa monnieri D. Exercise.Whenever you can do it, it helps maintain lucidity as well as help with resistance in sex. E. Other information that will be useful. 1. How to overcome or recover from the sleeplessness of several days. 2. Mental anorexia 3. The diet Hacker

Does this help you to lose weight? If you are good enough programmer or computerist you will find that yes. Visit